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Dashboard Reports
February 2018 Dashboard FEB 20182.95M
January 2018 Dashboard JAN 20182.19M
December 2017 Dashboard DEC 20172.20M
November 2017 Dashboard NOV 20172.20M
September 2017 Dashboard OCT 20171.05M
October 2017 Dashboard SEP 20172.57M
August 2017 Dashboard SEP 20173.08M
July 2017 Dashboard AUG 20171.37M
June 2017 Dashboard JUL 20171.26M
May 2017 Dashboard JUN 20171.10M
April 2017 Dashboard MAY 20173.47M
March 2017 Dashboard APR 20172.95M
February 2017 Dashboard MAR 20172.96M
January 2017 Dashboard FEB 20173.95M
December 2016 Dashboard JAN 20173.71M
November 2016 Dashboard DEC 20163.45M
October 2016 Dashboard NOV 20164.01M
September 2016 Dashboard OCT 20163.67M
August 2016 Dashboard SEP 20162.89M
July 2016 Dashboard AUG 20163.64M
June 2016 Dashboard JUL 20162.59M
May 2016 Dashboard JUN 20162.95M
April 2016 Dashboard MAY 20163.75M
March 2016 Dashboard APR 20163.66M
February 2016 Dashboard MAR 20163.61M
January 2016 Dashboard FEB 20163.76M
December 2015 Dashboard JAN 20163.74M
November 2015 Dashboard DEC 20153.67M
October 2015 Dashboard NOV 20153.87M
September 2015 Dashboard OCT 20153.94M
August 2015 Dashboard SEP 20154.67M
July 2015 Dashboard AUG 20154.70M
June 2015 Dashboard JUL 20152.13M
May 2015 Dashboard JUN 20151.86M
April 2015 Dashboard APR 20152.20M
March 2015 Dashboard MAR 20152.24M
February 2015 Dashboard FEB 20151.96M
January 2015 Dashboard JAN 20152.30M
December 2014 Dashboard DEC 20142.05M
November 2014 Dashboard NOV 20142.11M
October 2014 Dashboard OCT 20142.05M
September 2014 Dashboard SEP 20142.02M
August 2014 Dashboard AUG 20141.95M
July 2014 Dashboard JUL 20141.96M
June 2014 Dashboard JUN 20141.98M
May 2014 Dashboard MAY 20142.02M
2013 Annual Summary Dashboard APR 20142.68M
April 2014 Dashboard APR 20142.06M
March 2014 Dashboard MAR 20142.06M
February 2014 Dashboard FEB 20141.95M
January 2014 Dashboard JAN 20141.99M
December 2013 Dashboard DEC 20131.94M
November 2013 Dashboard NOV 20136.95M
October 2013 Dashboard OCT 20132.13M
September 2013 Dashboard SEP 20133.41M
August 2013 Dashboard AUG 20135.05M
July 2013 Dashboard JUL 20135.15M
June 2013 Dashboard JUN 20133.45M
May 2013 Dashboard MAY 20133.43M
April 2013 Dashboard APR 2013707k
March 2013 Dashboard MAR 2013731k
February 2013 Exceedance 2013-02-2850k
February 2013 Dashboard FEB 20131.63M
January 2013 Dashboard JAN 20131.67M
December 2012 Dashboard DEC 20121.65M
November 2012 Dashboard NOV 20121.66M
October 2012 Dashboard OCT 20121.67M
September 2012 Dashboard SEP 20121.67M
August 2012 Dashboard AUG 20121.46M
July 2012 Dashboard JUL 20121.70M
June 2012 Dashboard JUN 20121.67M
May 2012 Dashboard MAY 20121.77M
April 2012 Dashboard APR 20121.80M
March 2012 Dashboard MAR 20121.82M
February 2012 Dashboard FEB 20121.85M
January 2012 Dashboard JAN 20121.83M
December 2011 Dashboard DEC 20111.96M
November 2011 Dashboard NOV 20111.93M
October 2011 Dashboard OCT 20113.85M
September 2011 Dashboard SEP 20111.43M
September 2011 Exeedance SEP 2011129k
August 2011 Dashboard AUG 20111.44M
August 2011 Exeedance AUG 2011123k
July 2011 Dashboard JUL 20111.35M
June 2011 Dashboard JUN 20111.19M
May 2011 Dashboard MAY 20111.21M
Passive Summaries
September 2013 Passive Summary SEP 2013917k
August 2013 Passive Summary AUG 2013875k
July 2013 Passive Summary JUL 2013904k
June 2013 Passive Summary JUN 20131.00M
May 2013 Passive Summary MAY 2013931k
February 2013 Passive Summary FEB 201377k
January 2013 Passive Summary JAN 201377k
December 2012 Passive Summary DEC 201277k
November 2012 Passive Summary NOV 201276k
October 2012 Passive Summary OCT 201276k
September 2012 Passive Summary SEP 201277k
August 2012 Passive Summary AUG 201277k
July 2012 Passive Summary JUL 201278k
June 2012 Passive Summary JUN 201277k
May 2012 Passive Summary MAY 201277k
April 2012 Passive Summary APR 201277k
March 2012 Passive Summary MAR 201278k
February 2012 Passive Summary FEB 201277k
January 2012 Passive Summary JAN 201277k
December 2011 Passive Summary DEC 201177k
November 2011 Passive Summary NOV 201177k
October 2011 Passive Summary OCT 201177k
September 2011 Passive Summary SEP 201177k
August 2011 Passive Summary AUG 201177k
July 2011 Passive Summary JUL 201177k
June 2011 Passive Summary JUN 201177k
May 2011 Passive Summary MAY 201176k
April 2011 Passive Summary APR 201176k
March 2011 Passive Summary MAR 201167k
February 2011 Passive Summary FEB 201176k
January 2011 Passive Summary JAN 201167k
December 2010 Passive Summary DEC 201054k
November 2010 Passive Summary NOV 201054k
October 2010 Passive Summary OCT 201054k
September 2010 Passive Summary SEP 201054k
August 2010 Passive Summary AUG 201068k
July 2010 Passive Summary JUL 201082k
June 2010 Passive Summary JUN 201081k
May 2010 Passive Summary MAY 201080k
April 2010 Passive Summary APR 201081k
March 2010 Passive Summary MAR 201081k
February 2010 Passive Summary FEB 201081k
January 2010 Passive Summary JAN 201081k
Annual Reports
2016 SESAA Annual Report JUL 20164.09M
2015 SESAA Annual Report JUN 20165.25M
2014 SESAA Annual Report JUN 20157.28M
2013 SESAA Annual Report JUN 20146.67M
2012_SESAA_AnnualReport JUN 20134.04M
2011_SESAA_AnnualReport JUN 20122.45M
2010_SESAA_AnnualReport JUN 2011433k
2009_SESAA_AnnualReport JUN 20103.54M
2008_SESAA_AnnualReport JUN 2009485k
2007_SESAA_AnnualReport JUN 2008673k
2006_SESAA_Annual_Report JUN 20071.38M
General Meeting Minutes
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes 2015-06-03188k
2014 Annual Meeting Minutes 2014-06-0687k
2013 Annual Meeting Minutes 2013-06-0583k
December 2012 Meeting Minutes 2012-12-1185k
September 2012 Meeting Minutes 2012-09-2784k
2012 Annual Meeting Minutes 2012-06-0689k
June 2012 Meeting Minutes 2012-06-0683k
March 2012 Meeting Minutes 2012-03-1991k
December 2011 Meeting Minutes 2011-12-1293k
September 2011 Meeting Minutes 2011-09-27101k
2011 Annual Meeting Minutes 2011-06-0885k
June 2011 Meeting Minutes 2011-06-0895k
March 2011 Meeting Minutes 2011-03-0890k
2010 Annual Meeting Minutes 2010-12-0885k
December 2010 Meeting Minutes 2010-12-0885k
September 2010 Meeting Minutes 2010-09-0898k
June 2010 Meeting Minutes 2010-06-02104k
March 2010 Meeting Minutes 2010-03-10102k
Other Documents
Quarterly eBulletin - May 2016 2016-05-0646k
2015 Clean Air Leadership Awards Presented - Media Release 2015-06-0381k
Quarterly eBulletin - May 2015 2015-05-2056k
2015 Clean Air Leadership Award Media Release 2015-03-04335k
Quarterly eBulletin - February 2015 2015-02-1757k
Call for nominations for the 2015 Clean Air Leadership Awards 2015-02-1772k
2015 Clean Air Leadership Award Nomination Form 2015-02-1761k
Update of Saskatchewan Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Regulations 2013-03-191.36M
Clean Air Day: Air Quality Issues Update 2012-06-062.49M
Clean Air Day: Integrated Capture and Storage Demo Project 2012-06-063.08M
Clean Air Day: Environmental Regulatory Management in Saskatchewan 2012-06-062.55M
Clean Air Day: Emissions Management in Upstream Oil and Gas 2012-06-061.27M
Clean Air Day: Impact of Airbone Contaminants on Public Health in Saskatchewan 2012-06-068.86M
SESAA Public Opinion Survey MAR 2012729k
SESAA 5 Year Report 2006 - 2010Evaluation of Air Quality Monitoring in Southeast Saskatchewan Airshed for Years 2006 - 2010 JUN 20111.52M
Newsrelease: Airpointer Grand Opening 2010-09-03206k
SESAA 2006 Annual Report Presentation JUN 20072.41M
Clean Air Day: Oil and Gas Industry Water Use 2004-10-20622k