WYAMZ Overview

The Western Yellowhead Air Management Zone Board of Directors has been formed and is proceeding to implement an air management zone in the west central region of the province. The WYAMZ area will be the second official air management zone in Saskatchewan and is in line with the directive from the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) under the Canada-wide Air Quality Management System (AQMS) that Canada will have regional Airsheds comprised of local (Provincial/Territorial) Air Management Zones.

The approach is designed to collect credible, continuous real-time air quality information through collaborative efforts. Proposed data collection includes continuous monitors located in the Cities of Saskatoon, North Battleford, and Lloydminster, with a passive network in the surrounding region.

Air Management Zones

Air management zones are a place-based approach to managing local air quality in Saskatoon, Lloydminster and North Battleford. As per the Canada-wide AQMS, provinces and territories are responsible to delineate and manage air zones within their boundaries. The goal in all air zones will be to drive continuous improvements in air quality. Through the support of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, the WYAMZ association has been formed in order to set up the air zone, establish a passive and continuous air monitoring network and create a fair and equitable invoicing structure. Funding for ongoing support of the air zone is achieved through its members.

An air zone association is intended to operate as an independent, collaborative non-profit organization of industry, government and other representatives for the purpose of collecting credible, continuous air quality data, and to communicate data and information to member organizations, the government, and the public. There are numerous benefits of participating in the air zone. Along with the positive impacts for the environment, the benefits of participation include:

  • Credible data that facilitate the management of regional air quality.
  • Shared program operating costs among emitting stakeholders.
  • High public trust high due to the open process and direct public involvement.
  • Access to real time air monitoring data via the Internet.
  • An effective forum for open discussion.
  • Opportunity to build relationships among stakeholders.
  • Opportunity to use the program as a tremendous public relations and education tool.


Dan Gauthier – Mosaic Potash (Board Chair)
Gerry Mooney – Akzo Nobel (Vice Chair)
Brad Sigurdson – Saskatchewan Mining Association
Phil Burry – Husky Energy Upstream (Treasurer)
Aaron Studer – Husky Energy Downstream


Darren Letkeman – Min. of Environment
Gary Ericson – Ministry of Economy


David Henry – Sask.Environmental Society


Brenda Wallace – City of Saskatoon

Rural Municipality representative – WYAMZ is currently seeking stakeholder organizations to represent this sector


Shelly Kirychuk – University of Sask.


Dr. David Torr – Heartland Health Region